Welcome to the Charisma App Community

Charisma App is a powerful digital multimedia platform that delivers inspiring content empowered by the Holy Spirit in an easy to use and interactive way.

We want you to have the best user experience possible. That is why we created a quick overview manual so you can enjoy all that we have to offer.

How to Operate Charisma App:

After downloading your free CHARISMA App from your favorite store, start by opening it from the icon on the home screen.

After our intro video, you will find the login screen where you can create an account by tapping the sign up button and filling in your information in the fields. You can also log in with your Facebook or Google account to save some time.

At the very top, you can find our logo at the top left side and your profile settings at the top right, where you can tap and see your settings, push notifications, connect with the live stories, pair your TV with Our Smart TV Versions, or scan the QR code for a quick connection. There you can also find the Glass icon that you can tap for searching a specific title or content on the app.

On the first scroll, you will find a banner carousel that will keep you updated on the latest uploads on the app, featured content, and messages from our sponsors.

We designed a simple “Watch, Listen, and Read” navigation system so the app is easy to use and you can find what you are looking for. Just click the image of the content you want to play and start watching.


CHARISMA AUDIO MAGAZINE: Enjoy our monthly or bimonthly Charisma Audio magazine and also top selling audiobooks divided into categories.

AUDIOBOOKS: Enjoy our monthly or bimonthly Charisma Audio magazine and also top selling audiobooks divided into categories.

PODCASTS: Our top featured shows from the Charisma Podcast Network (CPN).

CHARISMA RADIO: A 24/7 radio streaming with the best of our audio content.


VIDEO CHANNELS: With several channels to follow with interviews, documentaries, testimonials, conferences and more.

CHARISMA LIVE TV: A 24/7 streaming with the best of our video content.

DOCUMENTARIES: Enjoy full length Spirit-led documentaries free.

DEVOTIONALS: A series of devotionals with different topics to help you in your day-to-day life.

COURSES: A series of video courses to help you dive deep into your spiritual life, hosted by great spiritual teachers.



Tap and read our latest Charisma Magazine Online Articles from charismamag.com.


Where you can follow our latest news from Charisma News.com


Inside the player, you will find the option buttons to move on the timeline to your desired time, pause the playback, start your favorite content, broadcast to your Chromecast or TV device, share the content on your social media, or open the chat where you can interact with other viewers and give your opinions about the content.


Roku TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I download the Charisma App?

Just search for us as “Charisma” on Google Play or Apple App Store for mobile devices. Find us on Roku Store, Fire TV or Apple TV App Store for TV Hardware.

Why am I having downloading delays?

Our content is highly optimized for several download speeds, but sometimes if you are in a low mobile signal on a crowded wifi connection, you may experience some delays on the playback.

What is the best connection for a better experience?

We advise you to find a good spot where you have a good phone signal or a wifi hotspot with less than 7 devices connected at the same time for a better user experience.

How much does Charisma App cost?

At our initial stage, the Charisma PLUS is completely free to download and play with all the content. In the near future, we will offer some premium content that you can purchase. But we will always have our base content for free so that you can keep enjoying it.

Bugs or Crashes?

Please, if you experience any type of bugs or crashes, let us know about it by sending us an email to CharismaPLUS@charismamedia.com

with a brief description of what you are experiencing, your device model, and a screenshot of the error, if possible. Our team will start working on the fixes right away so you have the best user experience with our content.

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